SDNL Friendly Summer League Rules
All players & officials must be affiliated to England Netball. All matches will be played under the rules as written by England Netball. At least seven players must be registered to a team prior to the start of the season. Players can combine from other clubs/teams for this competition providing they are affiliated. No player transfers will be allowed. A registration form, registering a minimum of seven players (ten recommended) must be sent to Gemma Archer with the application form. The first twelve players are included in your registration fee provided they are registered prior to the commencement of the season. Additional players will be accepted by the registration secretary up to the Friday preceding the match, by either telephone, e-mail or in writing. The fee of £3 must be received along with written confirmation to a Friendly League Committee member on the Saturday prior to the player taking part. Failure to provide this information will result in the points being awarded to the opposition. There will be no re-arrangements. Matches must be played at the time and on the date specified.  A re-arrangement date will only be set in the event of the organisers cancelling the whole fixture for extenuating circumstances i.e. bad weather. All matches will be played at a central venue – Westcliff High School for Girls Points 3 for win, 2 for a draw, 1 for being within 10 or less goals. There will be a perpetual trophy for the winners & runners up. Teams will be arranged into pools depending on numbers. Teams will be drawn from a hat not seeded. In the event of more than one pool the winners of each section will play each other to determine the overall winners & runners up. A result card will be completed and placed in the box at the venue.   All teams are required to provide a Beginners Award or higher qualified umpire. The umpire fee is a minimum of £7 per match. This is based on the umpires officiating more than one match a session. In the event of a team not attending a fixture for whatever reason a fixed fine of £10 or £5 per cancelled match which ever is the greater will be applied. Each non-offending team will receive £5 in compensation. Matches will be 15 minutes each way. The times of the matches are to be adhered to strictly. There will be no 10-minute rule. Any team not ready to take the court at their allocated time may lose the points for that match. You are therefore advised to arrive 15 minutes before your allocated start time. At the start of the next friendly summer league season all teams will be re-drawn from a hat. A member of the committee will be at the venue to help with any problems. Their decision on the day will be final. All issues not covered by these rules will be referred to the main committee and its constitution. Friendly Summer League Sub Committee Gemma Archer Tricia Cocks Elaine Horner 32 Gladstone Road 91 Herscell Road   32 Gladstone Road Hockley Leigh-on-Sea   Hockely Essex Essex   Essex SS5 4BT SS9 2PU   SS5 4BT
Southend & District Netball League